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Chieddà S.r.l. - Siniscola, Località Tanca Altara
08020 Sardegna - Italia
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Olive Groves

What we grow?

The olive-groves of the Ottidoro farm are cultivated following the dictates of organic agriculture and live cuddled by the mild climate in the area of Tanca Altara, in Siniscola. Each plant grows healthy thanks to impeccable techniques. The ripening of the olives is natural, and the perfect time for harvesting comes patiently. The olives used are carefully selected and harvested gently, as well as carefully followed in all production steps. The olives must be harvested with an automated process at the time of the veraison to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and enhance their properties. 
The whole harvest is moved to the oil-mill within 24 hours to avoid the fermentation process. Mother Nature and the commitment of the Loriga brothers are the creators of healthy olive-groves, grown in agreement with the guidelines of DOP and organic products. The olive-groves and olives get their vitality from the extraordinary features of this land on the slopes of Montalbo - a fertile and vigorous land - that you can taste in Ottidoro products.

The oil that comes from the Chieddà oil-mill is obtained by cold milling: this process doesn't alter the quality of the final product and preserves its authentic taste. From this extraction process comes a genuine extra virgin olive oil with excellent nutritional properties to offer the consumer an authentic and refined product, which has a focus on organic and quality. The authenticity of Ottidoro's oil is guaranteed and maintained by the storage in stainless steel tanks, to a controlled temperature. To this, we add a mastery in the dosage of the oil that originates from different varieties: Bosana, Tonda di Cagliari, Nera di 
Gonnos and Semidana. 
From this careful dosage comes a precious oil with a distinct olive scent, with a harmonious taste and a characteristic fruity flavour with hints of artichoke that allow perceiving a pleasant taste of bitterness and spiciness. The consumer can taste an unaltered product thanks to dark glass bottles that protect the extra virgin olive oil from the light, which would cause taste and colour alterations, and it can boost the process of oxidation.

The oil


Extra virgin olive oil has been on our tables for millennia and has inspired and nurtured men and women of all ages. When we talk about extra virgin olive oil, we talk about the culinary and nutritional aspect, and we talk about its cultural dimension, the one linked to the tradition of the Mediterranean peoples, including Sardinians. The cultivation of olive trees and the production of oil symbolise the ancestral connection between man and the earth.

Organic extra virgin 
olive oil from Sardinia